The KC10 is a 5 octave velocity sensitive midi keyboard with Kawai's 16 bit PCM tone generator similar to the K4. Features include 14 note polyphony, 128 wavesamples in ROM (1 megabyte) at a sampling rate of up to 48kHz, 64 preset / 32 user programmable patches, 16 Multi-patch memories, 4 channel multi-timbral operation plus drums, 36 preset rhythm patterns, built in chorus, and an arpeggiator with 4 modes. The KC10 Spectra is housed in a case small enough to be worn around the neck. List $695

The KC20 keyboard is a 61 note velocity sensitive keyboard with a fully General Midi compatible tone generation system. Utilizing the 16 bit PCM GMega tone generator, the KC20 features 28 note polyphony, 16x2 LCD display, an onboard Mac/IBM serial interface, velocity cross switching, 32 additional non-GM sounds, stereo output jacks, and a very slim cabinet design. List $695

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